About Mike and his shows

About Mike Prochnow and His Shows

Since l998 Mike Prochnow has been a certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.
Mike enjoys working with people through hypnosis and making everyone more aware of the uses and benefits that
exist.  This leads to the breakdown of the myths and fears which have been associated with hypnosis.  He creates a
fun opportunity and a learning experience. He has worked with groups as small as 40 people and as large as 1,300.

Mike’s shows take the volunteers on one of three hypno-adventures and offers everyone in the audience the
opportunity to experience hypnosis right from their seats.  The choices of  three different shows make it great for
year after year entertainment, such as post proms or holiday parties. At the conclusion of each show participants  
also have the opportunity to make a personal change in their lives. The following are brief overviews of Mike’s three
different shows.

1. A tour in and around a large city – This show takes the volunteers on a trolley ride where they experience
things such as fishing, having on-stage seats at the hypno-emmy awards, see the audience in a rather precarious
situation, go to the horse races, and a variety of other hilarious happenings.  Finally, they perform impromptu
auditions to have the chance for a big part in a scene out of an old classic movie the Wizard of Oz!

2. Ocean front amusement park – In this show the volunteers visit the circus where they observe acts and become
part of the show,  off to the midway where volunteers ride four different carnival rides, hit the beach, and partake in
a picnic.   Finally, they end it all in a huge fun-house to experience some space effects and  find out what it’s like  to
be in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

3. A fun day at the worlds largest mall – An airplane transports the volunteers to this enormous mall where they
take dance lessons and then actually dance for the audience, visit an appliance store, explore a shoe store and a
pet store, and you should see what they find shooting out of the ATM machines.  After lunch in the food court, the
day continues with the video game arcade, driving simulator, movie theater, and an ice cream store.  Finally, the
group of mall visitors are selected to perform a scene from the movie Peter Pan for all to enjoy.